Special thank you to Ramsey Lyric of Lyrical Photography


60+ costumes $2500 for ten days, $2750 for 17 days, plus shipping and (optional) cleaning
Or rent a la carte wth 20 costume min $65 each costume for two weeks, $10 each per added week
Baby Kangaroo and Baby Elephant Bird added for $50 each
Also Jungle of Nool backdrop or Whoville backdrop $250 each per two week rental with costume rental ($350 each week normally), add $150 each per added week

Cast includes: 


  • Cat in the Hat- Hat, black tail jacket, shirt with fur and bow, black pants, white gloves, free add ons: newscaster jacket, Dr. Dake jacket and headpiece, ringmaster jacket, beach shirt and lei, propeller hat
  • Horton- gray pants, shirt, vest with tail, hat, bowtie
  • Gertrude McFuzz- blue polka dot dress with tail, add on long tail with two adjustments, orange tights, orange bowling shoes, glasses
  • Mayzie LaBird (Pink) colored dress with feathers, fabulous tail, gloves
  • 3 Bird Girls (Orange, Yellow, Green)- colored dresses with feathers, tails, feather headbands 3 wigs O Y G added 3 rainbow scarves (Bird Girls) (we also have another 8 identical bird girls, pictures available on request)
  • Sour Kangaroo- purple sweater, pants, overskirt, choker with fringe (Dylan wig 1)
  • Wickersham Brothers (4)- brown shirts, brown/green vests, brown shorts
  • Yertle the Turtle- green shirt, pants, judge robe, Shell (FUMC wig 1)
  • Vlad Vladikoff- black unitard, black felt feather cape, gray scarf
  • Jungle Creature 1- rust color shirt with overshirt, skirt, headpiece
    Jungle Creature 2- light blue jumpsuit with tail, fluffy hat headpiece with antlers
    Jungle Creature 3- lavender shirt, pants with overlay, fluffy purple shawl
    Jungle Creature 4- yellow shirt with green star, yellow pants, yellow beret
    Jungle Creature 5- pink skirt, ruffled vest, pink shirt, leg warmers, wrist cuffs, ruffled headpiece
    Jungle Creature 6- blue coat with various trims, horn headpiece
    Jungle Creature 7- dark coral pants, gold shirt, pink fuzzy vest, antler headpiece
    Jungle Creature 8- green pants, shirt, headpiece with ears
    Jungle Creature 9- teal zippered jumpsuit with white fur, wristbands, hair bands
  • Jojo- hat, t-shirt, striped jacket, shorts, striped sock
  • Mr. Mayor- shirt, tie, jacket, pants, mayor sash
  • Mrs. Mayor- yellow women’s suit (jacket and skirt), mayor sash, giant pearls, hat, gloves
  • Who Police- jacket with badge, pants, police hat
  • Who Nerd- glasses, shirt, pants with suspenders, bowtie
  • Who Sisters (2)- matching dresses, bloomers, and bows
  • Old Lady Who- dress, shawl
  • Church Lady Who- dress, purse, gloves, sunglasses, hat
  • Who Fisherman (2: Father/Son)- vests, shirts, hats, pants (son has fish attached)
  • Who Construction Worker- shirt, pants, construction worker vest, hard hat
  • The Grinch- green fur pants, gloves, hood, red santa top, red santa hat
  • General Genghis Khan Schmitz- jacket, hat
  • Cadets (8)- yellow t-shirts, black shorts, white socks, sashes, blue hats
  • Thing 1 & Thing 2- thing shirts with long striped sleeves, red shorts,striped tights, blue wigs 2
  • Hunches (6)- white bowler hats, 6 pairs white gloves
  • Circus McGurkus (9)- assorted circus costumes
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