Willy Wonka

Costume packages $50 each when you rent 20 or more
  • Wonka adult
  • Wonka youth
  • Charlie in Finale
  • Mrs Gloop
  • Augustus
  • Mr Salt
  • Veruca (also have Red 70’s movie dress)
  • Violet
  • Mrs. Beauregarde
  • Mike Teevee
  • Phineas Trout (also have male version, 2 piece suit)
  • Candyman
  • Squirrels x7
  • Oompas x 40
  • Oompas lime green/white with pink magenta wigs x24
  • Mrs Teevee in Powder Blue dress
  • Grandparents
  • Veruca in Red
  • Charlie with friends
  • Blow up Violet from Amazon

    You can add pink (female) and blue (male) Oompas from NYT for $35 each but not part of package deal. They are last picture in album

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