Music Man

Created by Huntsman Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV. Ideal for Adult and High School casts.

Over 100 costume pieces available. Pricing as low as $50 each with rental of 40 or more costumes. Add hat for just $15 more for authentic boaters, bowlers and pick a little lady hats. Mayor Shinn’s hat for $30.

  • Women’s Gowns – 3 for each female ensemble member – one in blacks/greys, one in color and one in ivory. 6-7 costumes for Marion, 4 for Ulele including the red white and blue dress. Costumes for the other principal women as well. Some are dresses, some are skirts, blouses and jackets/vests. Also includes Grecian Urn dresses and the Indian tunics; dresses for the Shin girls.
  • Dresses for teen and youth female ensemble – 3 for each ensemble member.
  • 12 Jackets for traveling salesmen, quartet, mayor, Harold and male ensemble just $25 each. Add a bowler or boater for $15.
  • 9 Men’s ivory suits in various sizes and 1 for Wintrop $40 each various sizes (pictured in live shots)
  • Harold Hill’s Band leader jackets-several to choose from.
  • Band uniforms in kid through adult sizes $35 each with marching hat

The costumes are well made and full of detail and beautiful fabrics. We had 3 palettes – black/white/grey at the beginning of the show, everyone turned to color after Hill arrives and all wore ivory to the ice cream social. We spent over $10,000 on the fabrics and trims alone.

Pictures 1-10 Live shots

11 Eulalie Indian headdress $40

Note: Deluxe and Pro Music Man collections can be mixed and matched


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Rental time is up to 10 days. Add $5-10 per costume per added week. Deluxe and Pro Music Man packages can be mixed and matched.

  • Pick a Little Ladies incl. Eulalie $50 each with elaborate hat. 
  • Wah Tan Yee $35 each.
  • Grecian Urn togas with headpiece $40 each. 
  • Harold Hill reversible jacket $50.
  • White pin striped Harold Hill $50 (with vintage boater hat add $25.) 
  • Marian Librarian dress with hat and White finale dress $45 each.
  • Salesmen jacket $20 ea.
  • Female Townspeople $30 each for younger girls, $35 for teens/women. 
  • Hat package 14 patriotic female hats/headpieces $200 for all.
  • Marching band $35 each complete with marching hat, band uniform and pants. Plumes also included up to 20. Up to 40 complete uniforms.


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